About us

PH CAPITAL is an organization created by young Ukrainians with significant experience in public health, social services, law, and policy. We have come together to institutionalize our efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

We are using our experience, understanding of the challenges, and our deep commitment to make a difference to improve health and health care for all Ukrainians.

OUR MISSION: To improve health and prolong the life in good health for all people of Ukraine through public health system strengthening.


  1. Identify problems: understand the determinants of health, identify core problems, analyze causes, assess public health impact.
  2. Propose solutions: find creative approaches to solve complex problems, tailor best international practices to Ukrainian context, develop practical tools on regulatory and implementation levels.
  3. Support implementation: establishment of collaborative task forces, support the government and public agencies in evidence-based interventions, monitor and communicate interventions impact.

Core team

Mariya Bachmaha

Maria Bachmaha

Co-founder, Health Policy Expert

Nataliya Kyrychenko

Nataliya Kyrychenko

Co-founder, Social and Health Policy Expert

Олеся Цикалюк_PHCapital

Olesya Tsykaliuk

Co-founder, Project Management Expert

Natalia Gusak

Expert on Mental Health, Psychosocial Support

Oksana Golnovitch

Legal expert