Promoting the implementation of human dignity principles in health care facilities

– conducting research on the level of dignity in hospitals

– writing guidelines

– piloting the developed document

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

July 2020 – February 2021

Mental health for Ukraine (MH4U) 

Monitoring and Evaluation for MH4U Project

GFA Consulting, Germany/ Swiss Cooperation Development

April 2020 – September 2023

Hepatitis Testing

Data on laboratory capacity on viral hepatis B and C testing was gathered,  analyzed, and mapped

Public Health Center, Ukraine

June – August 2019

Vaccination Regional Programmes

Conducted the workshops on sub-national level for decision makers and health authorities on regional level from all Ukraine to support public consultations and advocate for implementation of goals, objectives, and key activities of the National Immunization Strategy and Roadmap at national and sub-national levels, to address the vaccination crisis and start the regional immunization plans

WHO Country Office/Public Health Center/Ukrainian Catholic University

June 2018

Public Health Laboratory capacity

Assessed strategic and operational capacity of public health laboratory at regional level in Poltava

Public Health Center, Ukraine

May 2019

Maternal mental health

This project contributes to the development of the collaborative study between the UK and Ukraine which aims to explore the factors affecting health and wellbeing of mothers and infants in Ukraine and evaluate the potential of Primary Health Care (PHC) to play a role in its improvement.

Kent University, UK

February-July 2020


Participated in research activities to assess effectiveness of tuberculosis treatment in Kyiv oblast, Ukraine and gather patient perspectives on tuberculosis treatment.

Brown University Ukraine Collaboration, USA


Children’s health

Introduction of a comprehensive screening tool of early risk detection in children’s physical, behavioral and mental health, as well as risk factors associated with family circumstances into a routine pediatric practice. Survey of Wellbeing of Young Children (SWYC) was adapted to use in the clinic.

Anna Mazurenko Children’s Health Center, Lviv


Assessment of EU integration

Implementation of Ukraine’s obligation in the framework of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in the area of Public Health (Chapter 22) was assessed

Ukrainian Center of European Policy, Kyiv

March-April 2020